With over 20 years experience in the design industry, we’ve designed work for many clients. These range from central and local governments, public and private leisure services, the education sector from primary all the way up to Post Graduate, the entertainment and music industries, building industries, financial sector. We’ve worked on everything from full corporate re-brands, art directing magazines, websites and social media to small run leaflets and business cards for independents. Large or small jobs, we work on them all.You can see some examples of 
the work we have produced in the slides below.

Image showing brochure visual of a company report document with photos, graphics and illustrated map
Custom designed reports can make
even the most mundane data look
not only visually appealing but most
importantly, easily understandable
for the reader.
Image showing the CDC website on different size devices
design & build
We design and build beautifully
crafted websites from the ground up.
This allows us to create a truly bespoke
design that every website deserves.
Image showing a close up of a logo on a business card
The foundation of every good company.
This is the face of your company and
is a crucial part of how it is perceived
by the world. As well as giving your
business a professional appearance,
good branding gives you a chance to
convey your business purpose and intent.
Image showing multiple items of company stationery
One of the key building blocks for
every medium to large business.
Having your own branded stationery
is not only the first item on a branding list,
it's also the simplest method to convey a
professional and high quality impression.
Image illustrating repsonsive website design across different size devices.
We believe that a website should look
stunning and work seamlessly on every device.
As designers it's our job to plan and take into
consideration the end use of every website
we design and build and make sure every step
is taken so that the UI/UX delivers the best
possible experience for the end user. 
Truly versatile websites are build correctly
for every eventuality from the ground up.

Image showing a visual of an open annual report document with illustrations and text
Something every large company produces
but why settle for a boring word document
with seemingly endless amounts of text and
information, when with a little design you
could have a document that not only looks
great but is also a more pleasurable experience
to read.
Image showing cover of a local government booklet
Small but perfectly formed.
These are a great way to convey
a more concice amount of information
in a professional manner.
Image showing the interal pages of the local council booklet with pictures, logos and text
Clear &
When it comes documents that need to adhere to
specific requirements we are more than ready.
Over the years we've worked with numerous
organisations including Plain English, that require
any documents to be accessible by all and so any
design work undertaken must always be sensitive
to the needs of the general public.
Image showing 2 different designs of leaflets for the Emmaus homeless charity
Point of sale
Displayed on counter tops of shops and businesses
all over the world. Point of sale items offer a cost
effective way to present further information about
your business and products to your customers
and clients. The network of production houses we
use, makes sure you get the best quality for the most
realsitic price for these large volume items.
Images showing company branding on product labelling
Type Creative is always available to help smaller,
local businesses, producing cost effective solutions
to any print or design requirements and always
ensuring that this is done to the highest quality.
This attention to detail and quality can help you
maintain a professional appearance in an increasingly
large scale corporate business world.
Image showing four types of social media advert used for UNICEF-lotteriet
Social media
Love it or hate it, social media channels are going
nowhere and have become an important marketing
tool with global reach.
A well designed social media advert can help you
spread your message or sell your product in places
you would not have normally reached.

Image showing a mobile phone in hand displaying and HTML email design
email design
Everyone has seen them, whether you know it
or not. Regardless, these are a fantastic method
of communication that provides the ability to
send out custom branded content electronically.
They are a crucial marketing tool and provide
another method to reinforce a companies
overall identity.
Image showing a pair of catalogue cover designs for furniture company Titchmarsh and Goodwin
An important tool for traders and stockists.
A catalogue doesn't have to be a boring list of 
products. A well layed out catalogue can not only
help you sell more items, it can be something
customers enjoy referring to again and again.
Image showing internal pages of the Titchmarsh and Goodwin furniture catalogue
layout design
As is the case with everything we do, all of our
layout work is bespoke. We can fall back on our
20 years of experience dealing with layouts to
provide you with not only beautiful layouts that
compliment the project but also enable a more
pleasurable experience for the person(s)
looking at it.
Image showing another internal page for the Titchmarsh and Goodwin furniture catalogue with wood samples
Product photography can sometimes be a challege
to work with as they come in all shapes and sizes.
If you're struggling with laying out dozens or more
product images in an orderly mannor that makes
sense whay not get in touch to see how we can help.
It's Type Creative's job to use our decades of
experience to showcase all your products in their
best light, whether it's online or in print or both.
Images showing a close up of a debossed business card design
Most of the time this is the first  visual representation
a customer,  client or investor will see of your business.
We can help you make the most  of that first impression
by designing  truly unique business cards as well as
sourcing the best materials and first class production.
Image showing three different designs on three pull up banners located in an office space
Pull up
A cost effective way to showcase your brand or business
at events, conferences, trade shows or open days.
These can be used to convey important information at
a glance or simply used as branded graphics to help
you stand out in the crowd.
These can come in numerous sizes and at Type Creative
we design for them all and use only the best production
houses for timely print and delivery services.
Image showing the metallic printing effects on the cover of a Lifehouse Spa and Hotel brochure
There are dozens of different print finishing effects
to choose from. Each one can add a unique quality
to your printed documents. Whether it's special metallic
or fluorescent inks, foiling, embossing, debossing,
letterpress or screen print, we know how to effectively
use them all to give your job an outstanding look and feel.     

Image showing the internal pages of the Lifehouse Spa and Hotel brochure with images and text
Regardless of the job Type Creative has the skill
and experience to make sure all design is 
sympathetic to the content of the job in hand.
We don't believe in one type of design style,
each job is different and so requires a different
approach to the design.
This makes sure that each job is designed to
refelct the nature of the content.
Image showing the cover design of the ID5 industry report
This is the subtext
Images showing internal pages of the ID5 industry report document with pie charts and info graphics
Looking for a way to make your data look more interesting?
Info graphics are the perfect way to achieve this.
Type Creative has tonnes or experience across many
industries and has helped numerous companies present
their data in a more visually appealing way.
Image showing design of the ID5 website on multiple device sizes
Type Creative also operates as a consultancy service,
offering design advice and direction.
Maybe you already have a logo but no supporting
branding, typography or message? Maybe you already
have a developer but no design support?
This is where Type Creative can step in help complete
and guide you through the process.
Image showing the cover design and photography of the Titchmarsh and Goodwin marketing brochure
With a network of quality printers amassed over
the last 20 years, Type Creative are more that happy
to manage the production process for any print
job as well as designing it. We will make sure that
your job is beautifully designed, printed to the 
highest quality and delivered on time.
Image showing the internal page design of the Titchmaesh and Goodwin marketing brochure
Whether you require stock photography or custom
commissioned shoots. Type Creative can help with
all of it. For commissioned shoots that require sourcing,
briefing and management of photographers Type Creative
can take care of the whole process.
When it comes to stock images, it's important that any images
sourced look authentic and are relevant to the content
Image showing two leaflet designs showing images of skateboarding and graffiti text
Do you have a one off event you need to market?
This is where the humble flyer comes into it's own.
Used for decades, these are cheap and effective,
just grab a handfull and hit the streets.
Whether it's a sample sale, beer festival or your 
bands latest gig, flyers are a must have item.
Not just a piece of paper, the flyer encourages
interaction between you and the public.
Image showing a branding style guide document
Branding guideline documents are a must
if you are taking part in a larger scale rebranding
exercise. Having a style guide like this really helps
to focus the company on what it stands for, what it
hopes to achieve and how it wants to be percieved.
These documents can be referred to again and again
and are an important tool for 3rd parties to ensure
that they fully understand and can impliment your
branding in the correct way.
Image of multiple screens showing UI - UX design of Swnacy iOS app
Mobile UI/UX
There's a app for everything and every successful app
requires real design consideration to ensure all users
are able to navigate it's functions successfully.
Type Creative can help you design an app interface that
is user friendly and can be operated efficiently by users.
We design intuative interfaces that focus on ease
of use for your users.
Image showing iPhone in hand with a landing page design on screen
Landing page
Landing pages are a great marketing tool and
a good way to increase and capitalise on leads
and help drive sdales. They are also perfect
for getting links into to any website.
Speak to us about how we can create a
cutom landing page for you.
Image showing two different cover designs for the Colchester Institute prospectus
These are a neccessary document for every
school, further or higher education faculty.
This is where you really get to show off in order
to grab the attention of any future students.
If you're design is 'stuck in a rut' and you're
finding it difficult to get the attention your
school, college or univerity deserves Type
Creative can create designs to help you 
stand out from all the rest.
Image showing internal design of Colchester Insitute prospectus
Designed to
make sense
Large documents such as prospectuses can be
the source of an incredibly large amount of
information. This level of information takes
someone with skill and experience to be able
to tame. Type Creative have designed these
sort of documents for many years, so are ideally
positioned to be able to help you create a 
document that makes visual sense and is easily
understandable to anyone who may pick one up.

Image showing cover and internal pages of Lifehouse treament menu
THis is the subtext
Image showing a close up of a logo design on a business card
Perfect when you're smaller company
or individual who wants to present
themselves professionally but doesn't
need the size or scope a full branding
exercise entails. Here at Type Creative
we don't do 'off the shelf', every logo
we design is 100% bespoke and tailored
to your exact requirements.
Image showing woman on laptop looking at wordpress website design
For some applications this can be a viable solution,
yet for others it can be a real headache.
If you're finding it a struggle to tame Wordpress and
get your site looking the way you would like,
get in touch to see how we can help you get the site
you've been dreaming of.